Life Insurance Management System

Manual handling of the processes is time taking and unreliable in this fast-moving world. Therefore, your life insurance business might suffer a loss of opportunity without the presence of an automated and computerised system that offers the users and clients of your product a seamless and pleasant experience.

The lost opportunities may be due to data redundancy because of spilt ink or incorrect spelling, difficulty in locating a file and extracting a piece of information from that as per the needs of the client, etc. You also need a lot of time every time you have to prepare a report. Therefore, we present to you a tool to ease all your troubles and computerise all your process – from lead addition to underwriting and claim management.

Smart Insure By Amity

SMART ASSURE is a flexible and scalable web-based end-to-end insurance solution suite designed for life insurance companies that caters to the entire value chain reducing operational costs and time to market for new product launches. Our software supports all the functionalities of a life insurance company, including new business, underwriting, policy administration, claims, reinsurance, accounting, reporting and compliance, etc.

Our solution is web-based with additional capabilities of mobility and portal. The SMART ASSURE insurance suite can be implemented as an entire solution or as individual modules which can be integrated with existing legacy systems.