General Insurance Management System

General insurance companies are restricted by their traditional and inflexible systems which are an obstacle in delivering quality customer service to the policyholders. The traditional systems also delay the time to market for new products and increase the operational cost of the companies.

Manual monitoring and working of the general insurance business lead to data redundancy, maintenance of a pile of documents and files, time in generating reports after studying all the concerned documents, time is taken to search for any information, and many more. To curb all these challenges, you can opt for a computerised system that manages everything for you.

Smart Insure By Amity

SMART INSURE by AMITY is a complete insurance solution for general insurance companies like yours. It is a parameterised solution providing scalability and flexibility in defining business rules and workflows to meet your specific business needs. The solution is prepared to satisfy the needs of property and casualty insurers, ensuring flexibility and scalability through fast implementation, easy configuration of rules and the capability to manage multiple variants of insurance products across the globe.

SMART INSURE is a web-based solution with additional capabilities of mobility and portal. The suite can be implemented as an entire solution or as individual modules as per the client requirement which can be integrated with existing legacy systems.